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“The clinic aims to extend our services to the society”

Senin, 17 Mei 2010, 15:52 Antique

IVAnews - The growth of Sharia investments is giving more options to investment needs in Indonesia. As one of the dominant players in Sharia mutual funds market, PT PNM Investment Management (PNM IM) is committed to improve its public services.

One of them is by establishing the ‘Sharia Investment Clinic’ in collaboration with Bank Muamalat. The synergy between the subsidiary of PT Permodalan Nasional Madani (Persero) and Bank Muamalat in providing the services will be a great assistance to investors wishing to invest their funds through PNM IM. Both institutions have also earned trust from the public.

“The clinic aims to extend our services to the society,” PT PNM Investment Management President Director MQ Gunadi said in a press release published today.

As a pilot project, after targeting to open several branch offices in Jakarta, the company will also set up services in Bandung and Surabaya.

“The services are expected to allow people access the Sharia mutual fund investments and give them educational advantages on Sharia mutual fund products managed by PNM Investment Management,” Gunadi said.

The company’s associate director Grace N Wiragesang said the services would benefit the investors because they are able to correspond with two institutions at a time.

“In addition to free consultation on Sharia mutual funds, purchases through the clinic are also free of purchase and selling costs,” she said.

PNM IM is currently managing three types of Sharia mutual fund products, which are Amanah Sharia Mutual Funds (fixed income), Sharia Mutual Funds (mixed income) and Sharia Equity Mutual Funds (stock).

“For the minimum fund of Rp 200 thousand, the investors will be able to own PNM IM Sharia mutual funds with prospective outcome,” Grace said.

The facilities and benefits are supporting PNM IM’s commitment to continuously provide high-quality investment opportunities. For the record, the company’s Sharia mutual fund products make it into the top 10 biggest Sharia mutual funds during the past year according to the list published by Infovesta in March 2010.

In a year, PNM IM’s mutual funds have increased for about 13 percent (Amanah Sharia), 46 percent (Sharia) and 74 percent (Sharia Equity). Meanwhile, the total amount of funds managed by PNM IM in April 2010 reached Rp 1.14 trillion, including Rp 427 billion of Sharia mutual funds.


Translated by: Nataya Ermanti

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