A Young Man Marries A Cow in Bali

The matrimony took place in the middle of the sea.

Jum'at, 11 Juni 2010, 16:01 Elin Yunita Kristanti
  (VIVAnews/Wima Saraswati)

VIVAnews - A young man initialed GA, 18, from Yeh Embang Village, Jembrana Regency, Bali, today married a cow after he was caught having sex with the animal.

The matrimony took place in the middle of the sea.

The man wore a Balinese traditional costume while the female cow was in white cloth. GA was only one meter away from the cow.

The said matrimony was part of the purification of the village and was started at 12 pm. Prior to the beginning the ceremony, hundreds of Yehembang villagers packed the spot where GA was found making out with the cow on Banjar Pasar coast.

GA bowed his head during the ritual. "Perhaps he's ashamed oh himself," said a local inhabitant Nyoman Listri.

After the wedding, the cow was then drowned to the sea.

Meanwhile, GA's families denied the allegation that the man had sex with the cow. According to the mother, GA was not alone in the scene.

"After fishing for some time, they took a rest. His brother saw his brother there, doing nothing. He said that his brother was only sitting by the beach," said GA's mother.

A witness named Gusti Ngurah Dinar gave different report. Dinar said that the incident occurred as he and his brother passed by the beach. In the scene, he said, they saw GA copulated with the cow.


Coverage by: Peni Widarti | Bali
Translated by: Bonardo Maulana W

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