Indonesia's Magelang Readies 52 Refugee Camps

In Magelang Regency, 19 villages are listed Level III Disaster-prone Area (KRB).

Jum'at, 22 Oktober 2010, 14:17 Elin Yunita Kristanti
  (Antara/ Wahyu Putro)

VIVAnews - The Mount Merapi in Yogyakarta is now under "standby" status. The Magelang administration then prepared 52 refugee camps to anticipate future eruption.

In Magelang Regency, 19 villages are listed Level III Disaster-prone Area (KRB) because it is situated in the Merapi slopes.

Chief of rescue and rehabilitation in Magelang Regency, Heri Prawoto, said the refugee camps are located in six subdistricts like Srumbung, Dukun, Mungkid, Muntilan, Sawangan and Salam.

The refugee camps are categorized into permanent and temporary ones, which equip spaces at local administration offices.

"We'll use village halls as refugee camps," he told VIVAnews today, Oct 22.

The available refugee camps are expected to accommodate everyone who lives in the Level III KRB totalling to 39,210 people.

"There are at least 8 villages in each of the area of Dukun and Srumbung while three others are in Sawangan. We've often evacuated the inhabitants of those villages," he said.

In addition to the evacuation procedures, he said, the meeting point is set at every village. From there on, they will be evacuated by using trucks to the refugee camps.


Coverage by: Fajar Sodiq  | Solo
Translated by: Bonardo Maulana W

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Merapi is coughin', like about 4 years ago. before a great quake hit YK
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