Indonesia Tsunami Draws Ancient Wreck Ashore

The wreck lies 18 meters deep below sea level near Sandiang Island, South Pagai.

Rabu, 15 Desember 2010, 12:08 Elin Yunita Kristanti
(FOTO ANTARA/Kris Hadiyanto-Setwapres)

VIVAnews - The 7.2 magniture earthquake that shook Mentawai on Monday, October 25, 2010, which had triggered giant waves to thump the island, did not only claim hundreds of lives but also unveiled the long-lost historical remains.

In the aftermath of the Mentawai tsunami, the fishermen of South Pagai discovered an ancient ship which is figured to have been originated from the middle age on the nearby shore.

The ancient ship containing Chinese ceramics and jars was likely brought to coast by the tsunami.

"We've yet to make sure of when the ship was assembled. However, provided the photos of the jars we received, we believe that they are ancient goods," said Chief of Fisheries and Maritime Affairs Agency of West Sumatra today, Dec 15, 2010.

The wooden ship was in fine condition at a length of around 20 meters. The site where the ship was spotted is kept secret.

The wreck lies 18 meters deep below sea level near Sandiang Island, South Pagai.

Earlier, local fishermen were of no knowledge about any ship wreck in the area. "Based on the fact, we're sure that the ship was dragged by the tsunami onto the shore," he said.


Coverage by: Eri Naldi| Sumatera Bara
Translated by: Bonardo Maulana W

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