Smartphone Users in Indonesia to Reach 67%

Nokia will control 26 percent of smartphone market in Indonesia by 2012.

Selasa, 15 November 2011, 15:44 Muhammad Firman, Amal Nur Ngazis
Illustration (REUTERS/Nokia/handout)

VIVAnews - Nielsen in its report says that three out of four Indonesia's digital consumers gain access to the Internet through mobile phones. 

Nielsen conducted a poll over 2,400 digital consumers of which result shows that 78 percent own mobile gadget to go online. The research states that 38 percent out of the 78 percent own smartphones while the remaining 40 percent are not smartphone users.

"In mid 2012, it is estimated that two third of Indonesia's digital consumers, or 67 percent of the market, own smartphones," said Nielsen Director of Telecom Practice, Viraj Juthani, today. 

Of the said percentage, Nokia tops the list at 40 percent while BlackBerry sits second at 21 percent. Samsung is recorded to control 9 percent of users while Nexian and Ericsson hit 7 percent.

Nokia dominates the smartphone market at 16 percent; BlackBerry, 8 percent; and Samsung, 3 percent.

Nielsen believes Nokia will control 26 percent of smartphone market in Indonesia by 2012, while BlackBerry and Samsung will respectively control 22 percent and 10 percent of market.

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